Client 4x6 sofa
Undertaking Design & Shopify development
Date November 2023

Elevating the online experience


Already on Shopify but constantly running into the limits of their pre-built theme, the surf&turf team was flown in to completely re-design the webshop and build out the vision of online couch shopping.

The collection of sofas and the colors in the fabrics are limited, yet it offers enough options so that many people can compose their ideal sofa. The nice thing is that we rarely see the same sofa pass by. Each combination of fabric, model, and version gives a different picture.

Re-defining modularity

Shopify has limits, we went further to make it happen.

Creating bright landing pages enabled the team of 4x6 sofa to create a customer journey that genuinely fits their brand and mission. Fully powered by Shopify without the need for external apps for content.

Icon strategy
Modularity first

We created an experience that fully embraces the brands unique selling point and vision.

Icon design
Customer Joruneys

Our design team worked extra hard to create an experience fitting to this new online market.

Icon development
Power of the creator

The concept of 4x6 sofa is highlighted within the editor where you can create your ideal couch.

Icon strategy

On a weekly basis we sit down to discuss all the data and make improvements where needed.