Client idyl
Undertaking Design & Shopify development
Date June 2022

Creating luxury modularity


In the summer of 2022, we sat down with our long-time client, Idyl, to create the third version of their website. We started in 2019, and Shopify continues evolving, as does Idyl's needs. Together, we created this new version based on all the technical feats that Shopify Plus offers.

This new version offers loads of functionalities that the previous versions did not have. It enables the idyl team to be fully in control and gives us time to spend on new features instead of maintenance. Our partnership has been standing since 2020 and is still growing each day.

Pushing boundaries

Shopify has limits, we went further to make it happen.

Combing items in the cart, numerous upsell functions, mitigating the 100 variant limit and keeping it fase.
For idyl, we did it all in one big project.

Icon strategy
Modularity first

We created an experience that fully embraces the brands unique selling point and vision.

Icon design
Co-op design

On this project we've partnered up with Numbered from Amsterdam to create the next-level design.

Icon development
Team effort

Each day, we work closely with the idyl team to improve the experience of their customers

Icon strategy
Peak season

Being able to process thousands of orders in hours. With Shopify you simply can not fail.