Client Mr Jealousy
Undertaking Shopify development
Date March 2023

Now you see me


When our good friend from Baldadig asked us to help them with their brand, we couldn't be more excited. Bringing sexy back to the world of home blinds, what a mission. But together, we made a pretty good effort ;)

The E-commerce experience based on Shopify is running super smoothly and creating a clear journey for every type of buyer. The orders are directly connected to the factory's internal system, making life easy for everyone involved.

Is this really a Shopify store?

Icon strategy

“Shopify isn’t made for customizable products.” We proved to Mr. Jealousy that it is not just possible. But it even works great.

Icon design
Customer Joruneys

Our design team put in extra effort to craft an experience tailored to this new online market.

Icon development
It's endless

With over 300 possible combinations, height and width are not included. Can someone give us a challenge, please?

Icon strategy
Shopify theme

This project has shown us that anything is possible without going headless and leveraging the power of Liquid combined with intelligent design. Why waste money on going headless?