Client ØLÅF
Undertaking Design & Shopify development
Date May 2023

Upgrading to Shopify 2.0


After a couple of years with another agency, the team of ØLÅF reached out to us for their new website. We sat down with their creative team to design their perfect E-commerce website. It came out exactly like we wanted! We are delighted with the result.

But it's not just the design that is awesome. We gave their content team a whole new level of power to adjust the website to each new drop's unique needs. It uses Shopify 2.0 for most of the customizable sections, but for ØLÅF, we definitely pushed it.

Shopify has been our platform for 7 years and continues so

Icon design
Co-op design

The creative team of ØLÅF largely contributed to the final design. We were combining their knowledge of the brand with our E-commerce experience.

Icon strategy
Shopify 2.0

Offering enhanced features and tools for merchants to streamline their online businesses. With improved customization options and advanced analytics

Icon development
Never stop

Each day, we work closely with the ØLÅF team to improve the experience of their customers

Icon strategy
Managing content

With new drops regularly, the team needed a really easy-to-manage system. Shopify provides that.